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Our mission is to plant God’s Word in the hearts of our students, teach them that they were created to glorify Him, and share the gospel with our audiences through our performances. 

Speaking truth…  Showing hope…  Creating community… 

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Our Summer Production: David: From Shepherd to King

July 28-31, 2021

Book, Music and Lyrics by Caleb Fry and Cameron Peterson

Directorial Staff: Cameron Peterson, Caleb Fry, Joshua Lyman

While out in the field tending his sheep, David is anointed by Israel’s judge, Samuel, to be the next heir to the throne of Israel, taking the place of the current, sinful King Saul.

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ABC 11 Video

ABC 11 produced a video and article about Spiritual Twist Productions!

We have wrapped our student course shows for the 2020-21 season, but we have more for you this summer!

Our Adult Musical

A Price for Freedom! 

June 17-19, 2021

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Our Summer Production

David: From Shepherd to King

July 28-31, 2021

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