Art and Design with Courtney Sanford


Art for Ages 8 and up at STP

Drawing and Painting for all levels of artists!

Information and Registration Form here!

Mondays from 3:30 to 4:30 or Wednesdays from 3:00 to 4:00

Classes begin the week of Feb. 10

The first 4 weeks will focus on improving drawing skills and trying new drawing techniques: line and form, contour, blind contour drawing, one-point perspective, and shading to create depth, using pencils and markers on paper.

The second 4 weeks will offer a variety of art projects that will introduce famous artists and practice with the fundamentals of art such as color, composition, abstraction, visual communication, and art history using paint, collage, and other mediums and techniques.

All levels are welcome! Projects are designed so that the beginner is introduced to something new and the experienced artist refines skills through practice. Small classes allow for individual attention.

Tuition: $120 for 8 classes – may be divided as follows:

  • $60 payment due upon registration
  • 60 payment due by the start of the 5th class

How to Register:

Complete the registration form (click this link!) and turn it into the STP office with $75 registration fee. If you have already paid a registration fee to STP for another class, the registration fee is waived. (This is per student, not per family. Each student needs to pay a registration fee to STP.)