Who is Josh?

We would like to take another opportunity to invite you to join us on Friday, February 15th for a special concert featuring Joshua Carswell!(You may have seen the information floating about here and there on social media or the many posters displayed throughout our building! )

What is so special about this concert you may ask? You may never have heard of Joshua Carswell!
1) Joshua Carswell is also an alumnus of STP (formerly CYT) and has performed the roles of The Phantom (Le fantome de l’opera), George Mueller (Kids of Bristol), Combeferre (Les Miserables), and Mordecai (Esther) during his time with us.

2) Since leaving STP, graduating from Elon with a degree in Vocal Performance, and moving to Nashville, Joshua has produced several of his own albums (with one currently in the works), and has performed at venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Grand O’le Opry!
3) Joshua also travels and performs with the Annie Moses Band!  (Perhaps you HAVE heard of them!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlk4190oSu0&list=PLWMuIWfXBel8PJqDF27vnclhNwDWq2w1Z

4) Joshua is a huge supporter of STP and has agreed to come with his band to offer a fundraising concert to help us raise funds  to continue the amazing ministry program for your students and many more who the Lord might bring through our doors!   As Mrs. Leslie mentioned in our end of year letter, there are many aspects to running STP beyond just running the class and performing a play. These funds will help us improve the building, purchase new tech equipment for your students to use in their productions, upgrade costuming, and really- just keep our doors open so that all may enjoy being involved in productions or participating as a guest in the audience-for many more years!

5) Joshua will bring to the stage a variety of songs ranging from light worship, some of his own writing, and songs everyone can enjoy from the Great American Songbook! Check out a few of his performances right now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_R_fly3pr0

How might you help you might wonder? We would really appreciate it if you could help spread the word to your friends and neighbors.  (Makes a great Valentine’s Date night!)   Share the events and posts from FB and Instagram, hang a poster in your church. (Carol Ann will have some in the business office just for you!)

And please plan to join us! We  are excited to share the night with you!Tickets are on sale at tickets.spiritualtwist.com