Curtain in Five!- ONLINE STREAMING EVENT- Jan. 29-Feb. 1

Spiritual Twist Productions is excited to announce that we are launching our first online streaming event next weekend! 

Fri. January 29 (Noon)- Monday, February 1 (Noon)

Curtain In Five!

Based on an original concept by Becky Passner

Written by Becky Passner and Kaylee Long

Music and Lyrics by Kaylee Long

Directed by Barb Long & Kimberly Trautman

Curtain in Five! takes audiences behind the curtain and into the final rehearsals for West High’s production of Romeo and Juliet. Opening night is in four days, but as the show comes together, the cast and crew feel like they’re falling apart. When it’s easy to feel alone, unheard, and unsure, honesty becomes an act of bravery—will they find the strength to be vulnerable? Or will their weaknesses keep them apart? Take a step behind the curtain with us and find out!

Tickets for our online streaming event are on sale now through our ticketing website.

Please note that the event will be available for you to stream on one device within your household.  You may stop, leave the event, and return to finish viewing or view it multiple times, up to 48 hours from when you start. However, you must use the same device in which you start, to view the show. 

If you have any questions or concerns when viewing the event, please email for assistance.   

We hope you will join us & enjoy the show!

2021 STP Ticket and Seating Guidance

STP is pleased to announce that we are offering limited capacity seating for our 2021 regular season!  As we move forward, we ask for your grace and patience, especially with our house management, ticketing, and concessions teams, who are working hard to maintain a Christ-like atmosphere for every show.

As a religious organization, STP continues to adjust procedures to help limit viral spread. Please be aware of the following:

  • Tickets will be made by reservation through our ticketing system for specific seats in the theater.
  • There will not be a charge to reserve tickets for the show, but STP asks that patrons make a generous donation to support our ministry.
  • Audience size is limited to 150 patrons per night.
  • Seating is arranged with space between each chair. Upon arrival, guests may pull their chairs closer together to create more distance between themselves and the next group of patrons, if desired. Ushers will be available to assist upon request.
  • There will be an eight-foot distance between the audience and the center stage area.
  • Masks are encouraged for patrons attending this event, especially when physical distancing may be difficult to maintain (i.e. entering and exiting the building, during intermission).
  • Concessions will be available at this event. Outside food or drinks are not allowed.
  • If you are unable to use your tickets for any reason, please return them as soon as possible. Because of limited seating, there are others who will gladly take your seats. Please follow our ticket return policy.

STP understands that there are many patrons who may not be comfortable attending a live theatrical production at the current time. We are working toward offering online viewing for our 2021 shows. DVDs will be also be available. Information will be released through ticketing when these options are ready.