Come See our TTA and Fund-raiser Show!

October 29-31, 2021

STP is pleased to announce that we have a show this month! Curtain in Five! is a new show written by Kaylee Long and Becky Passner that takes audiences behind the curtain and into the final rehearsals for West High’s production of Romeo and Juliet. Our TTA leadership team is excited to be back in the theater to share the hope of the gospel with you.

Tickets are available as of October 16, 2020!

Learn more here about our fund-raising need and how we are handling COVID-19 with the show.

COVID-19 Update

Dear Spiritual Twist family,

I hope that you and your family are well and staying safe during these difficult times. I know that you have been following the news about the ongoing coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak, and many of you have offered your prayers and support for our ongoing ministry. We truly appreciate you love during this time.  We are continuing to hold classes virtually, and it is a joy to see our students each week. Please know that our leadership is praying for both our STP families and patrons.

In the interest of safety, we closed the productions of Anything but Normal and Daddy Long Legs. We are hopeful that we might meet and somehow perform both of these shows, as our students are continuing to meet and rehearse in online classrooms.  We are thankful for those of you who have donated your ticket purchases back to Spiritual Twist Productions.  Your kindness has helped to cover some of our regular operating expenses and we are grateful.

Please consider Spiritual Twist Productions in your charitable giving; your donation will help sustain us through this crisis so that we are ready to re-open our doors as soon as it’s safe to do so.  All upcoming productions are contingent on state and local government recommendations, so we ask for your patience as the COVID-19 situation remains fluid.  DONATE HERE

As we wait, we ask that you pray for the health and safety of our families and community, wisdom for those in leadership, provision for those experiencing hardship, and comfort for those who mourn.  It is our privilege to pray for you all and we are leaning in and trusting God’s plan for this unusual season.

Our unique ministry is much more than a theater!  If you could see our students in their online classes, hear their heartfelt prayers for others, and watch them lean in to hear God’s Word during devotions, you would know how valuable our ministry is to our students.  We are offering hope and reassurance that God can put all the brokenness around them back together and reminding them that, even though times are hard, God is sovereign and we can TRUST HIM!!

During this difficult season, every donation is important.  If you can become a monthly donor at any giving level, it will make a difference.  One time donations of any amount will help sustain us.  We need you, our STP family, now more than ever.  Because of you, our doors will remain open, and we will continue to share God’s love and grace to both our students and our community.

Thank you for partnering with us to be a light that shines brightly for the Lord!

Grace and Peace,

Leslie Hanna


STP Plans for COVID-19

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for your patience as I have been conferring with STP leadership regarding appropriate planning for the next several weeks.  There has been much prayer, many conversations, and discernment needed as we have considered many options as a response to COVID-19.  

Beginning tomorrow, March 14, 2020, all rehearsals and classes are canceled through March 30, 2020.  At this time, we will plan to resume classes on Monday, March 30, 2020.  As you are aware, many public activities have been cancelled or postponed in recent days.  Given the general concerns for the welfare of our students and families, we think this two-week stand down is an appropriate first step.  We will continue to monitor new developments such as instruction from government leaders and medical professionals prior to deciding next steps beyond March 30, 2020, and will update you with new information. 

We know that this will cause some concern among students about the status of their plays and rehearsals. We share that concern and want nothing more than to give everyone a chance to spread the Gospel on stage through their plays.  We are continuing to work through contingency planning given the necessary change in the schedule.  Again, we will update you as soon as we know more.  For the time being, however, we encourage each of our classes that have yet to put on their play to continue to work on lines, songs, and choreography at home during this period of time as we hope to stay as close as possible to our original theatre performance schedule.  For our Tuesday Homeschool class, please stay tuned for information regarding your show.  We are working on a plan to re-schedule as many performances as possible.  Please keep working on lines, songs, and choreography at home.  

For our classes that have already put on their shows, please pray for our classes and directors who have had their rehearsal/production schedule disrupted.  Please pray for peace for them – you know how excited you were about your show and how important every rehearsal is!  This is quite a curve ball for them.  They need all of our prayers and support! 

We are meeting this weekend to work on contingency plans and will email classes separately with any additional updated information.  Please understand that everything takes time, and we have a small staff trying to make all of these moving parts work together.  Please pray as we work through all of the details. 

Thank you for your grace.  God uses all things for His glory, so look for Him in every moment of this difficult time.  He is in the slowing down that is currently shaping our activities.  In the time that we are apart, may He reveal more of His love, faithfulness, and mercy.  May we find things to be glad about – even when it isn’t what we wanted or anticipated.  May we enjoy this precious time with families, and may God show us ways to reach outside and serve our neighbors.  

Leslie Hanna, Executive Director, Spiritual Twist Productions

Coronavirus impacts on STP

Dear Friends,
As many of you are aware, public group events all around our area have been postponed or cancelled due to growing health concerns with COVID-19.  The leadership team at Spiritual Twist Productions have been praying and discussing at length, an appropriate response to the concerns in regards to our theater programs and productions.
Given the general concerns for the welfare of our students and families, we are cancelling all classes and productions from now until March 30, 2020. We will continue to monitor new developments such as instruction from government leaders and medical professionals prior to deciding next steps beyond March 30, 2020.
Sadly, this means that our upcoming production of Anything But Normal is cancelled. The leadership team is working on possible contingency plans but nothing has been decided at this time. We would appreciate your prayers for wisdom and discernment as discussions take place and decisions are reached. We will, of course, keep you updated on production information.
If you have already purchased tickets to Anything But Normal, full refunds will be issued between now and Monday, March 16, 2020.  Please check the email that you use for your Ticketor account for a refund confirmation email. If you do not receive an email and do not see the return on your payment method by Friday of next week, please contact me directly at
Please do not call our office to inquire about refunds, I will be working from home and the best way to receive the information is to contact me via email.
Thank you for your grace.  God uses all things for His glory, so look for Him in every moment of this difficult time.  We pray you stay healthy and well.
Kathy MacDonald, Box Office Manager at Spiritual Twist Productions