Fall 2020 DANCE CLASSES with Shannon Mitchell

Each class is 1 hour long. During the final class, we will celebrate with a short performance for friends and family. If the number of people allowed in the building is limited, the performance will be recorded and shared through email.

Class Dates: Sept. 10th, 17th, 24th / Oct. 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th / Nov. 5th, 12th, 19th / Dec. 3rd

Information, Costs and Registration Form for Dance Classes with Shannon Mitchell

Liturgical Worship Dance (Ages 8 and up) – Thursdays at 1:00pm

What is Liturgical Dance?? Liturgical dance is spiritual dance that incorporates music and movement as a form of worship. Like singers use their voice to worship God, Praise dancers use the motions of their bodies to express the word and lift their hearts God. Each class will begin with a devotion and time of prayer. Students are encouraged to share prayer requests, and we will keep those in mind as we praise God through movement. Following our devotion, we will have a time of warm up. Students will learn dance technique that will help with grace and coordination. You do NOT need to be an experienced dancer!

Dance Through the 1900s (Ages 8 and up) – Thursdays at 2:00pm

Fun for ALL ages! Students will have a blast while taking a walk through the history of music and dance in America in the 1900s. Each class will begin with a fun history lesson on the music and stars from the decade we are focusing on that week. They will learn various iconic “Styles” of dance as we listen to music that made each decade unique! Think… Charleston, Swing, Hand Jive, Mash Potato, Disco, and more! Students will also be introduced to the basics in multiple styles of “Stage Dance” including ballet, tap, jazz, and the NC state dance… clogging. This is an amazing opportunity for boys and girls alike to learn some dances they will enjoy forever!

Music Theater Dance (Ages 10 and up) – Thursdays at 3:00pm

Want to be a triple threat? Add “theater dance” to your bag of skills. Each class will begin with a short, fun history lessons about the playwrights, choreographers, and actors that have made an impact on theater. Students will learn different types of dance movements commonly used in stage productions. They will develop skills that help them move around a stage and other performers with coordination and ease. We will practice combinations that require partnering and formations that require teamwork with other performers.

Information, Costs and Registration Form for Dance Classes with Shannon Mitchell

TAP DANCE CLASS with Shannon Snover

The class will be an introduction to tap dance that will teach tap vocabulary, and technique, while learning traditional steps and improvisational dance skills. This class is designed for beginner and intermediate dancers and we will be dancing soft shoe and classic Broadway styles. We will have a parent observation mid-way through the year and one at the end of the year to view their accomplishments!

Registration information for the Tap Dance class will be coming soon!