Music Classes

PRIVATE PIANO LESSONS with Hope Auer Peterson

Hope Auer Peterson is offering piano lessons with the STP Master Classes this Summer and Fall of 2019. Hope has been involved with STP for eighteen years now as an actress, pianist, musical director, and now director! She has been trained by many different piano teachers and accompanists to create her own musical style and a very unique approach to teaching.
While many piano teachers try to fit each student into the same mold, Hope works hard to teach her students according to their strengths and weaknesses. For example, if a student wants to learn classical music, there will be a classical emphasis. If a student wants to learn how to accompany at church, chords and lead sheets will be the emphasis. Hope has had training in classical literature, composing, chords and accompaniment, and various other teaching/playing techniques. Hope’s goals in teaching are to help train her students to bring glory to God through their music, to use their music to bless others, and to make sure that her students really enjoy their music and develop the skills that they want to develop as a pianist.
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