Curtain in Five!

October 29-31, 2020

Tickets available starting October 16, 2020!

Written by Kaylee Long and Becky Passner

Curtain in Five! takes audiences behind the curtain and into the final rehearsals for West High’s production of Romeo and Juliet. Opening night is in four days, but as the show comes together, the cast and crew feel like they’re falling apart. When it’s easy to feel alone, unheard, and unsure, honesty becomes an act of bravery—will they find the strength to be vulnerable? Or will their weaknesses keep them apart? Take a step behind the curtain with us and find out!

This is our major fund-raising show of the year, and we have a goal of raising $12,000!

Tickets are free, but we ask you to prayerfully consider supporting us as we seek to navigate the COVID crisis.

Learn more here about our fund-raising need and how we are handling COVID-19 with the show.