Review our 2020-21 STP Handbook

How do I register for classes and what fees are associated with registration?

Online registration for 2021-2022 musical theater classes opens on April 5, 2021. Once you have chosen a class, you may submit payment for registration online immediately or by mail or in person within 10 days of your registration to secure your spot.
Registration is $100. Mailing and physical address is 1250 Aversboro Road, Garner, NC 27529.

Can we talk about tuition and production fees?

This year, tuition is combined with a $50 production fee and, if using a monthly payment plan, is divided over 10 months with the first payment due August 1.

  • Monthly installments online (with NO processing fees) or by check/cash through the mail or in person*:
  • Christmas Class – $100 registration fee, $82 per month
    ($50 production fee + $360 tuition) divided over 5 months)
    TOTAL: $510
  • Monday 4-8 Class – $100 registration fee, $72.50 per month
    ($50 production fee + $675 tuition) divided over 10 months)
    TOTAL: $825
  • All Other Classes – $100 registration fee, $86 per month
    ($50 production fee + $810 tuition) divided over 10 months)
    TOTAL: $960
  • Payment schedule runs from August – May

Families wishing to pay in full will receive a “Spirit Bundle” which includes a 2021-2022 STP t-shirt, your child’s class production DVD, and photo CD. (A $45 value)

* You may mail or turn in tuition to our business office at 1250 Aversboro Road, Garner, NC 27529. If no one is available to receive your payment, you may leave it in the black lock box outside the business office.

Please note that when you register, you are committing to a nine-month program, and we budget based on each registration. Tuition covers only a portion of our monthly expenses, including mortgage, utilities, and costs associated with productions, and we depend on each family to honor their financial commitment to our ministry.

Will there be any additional costs for my child’s production?

Students will need their own make-up kit which may be purchased in our Twisted Treasures Gift Shop, and appropriate undergarments to wear under their costume. In most cases, costumes are provided. If there is a need for you to purchase a costume piece for the show, your costumer will give you plenty of time to locate what you need at a thrift or discount store.

Would you tell me more about the class schedule?

Each class meets weekly for 1 ½ hours, with the exception of our 4-8 class, which meets weekly for 1 hour, and our Christmas Class which meets for 2 hours.

Can you tell me more about a class? What will my child learn at STP?

Our classes begin with a gospel-centered devotion, transitioning to vocal warm-ups and choral work for their class production. The class will break into groups to do scene work, choreography, and solo/small group vocal work. As we work, we teach theater skills such as stage directions, projection, diction, objective, motivation, timing, etc. In addition to learning within rehearsal, we use theater games and exercises to practice risk, improvisation and being comfortable on stage.

Can I be in the class with my child?

We are aware that new students, and especially our 4-8 students, may be a little apprehensive attending class for the first time. Our staff is well-equipped to care for your children in a loving, supportive and engaging way. Also, we find that if parents are in the class, students will tend to look to their parents for direction and instruction instead of focusing on STP leadership. We do have a live class feed that will be available to parents for the first two weeks of classes.

If my student is in a class, why do they have to audition?

Every student enrolled in an STP class will be cast in their class production, but they must audition so that the director can see their skills and place them in the role that is best suited to share the message of the musical. Auditioning at STP allows students to share the gifts that God has given them with their director, and we try to make it friendly and fun. Please note: Students in our 4-8-year-old class do not audition. They are cast by their director based on their experience working with them during the first few weeks of class.

How long should an audition be and what should it include?

Our Homeschool, 8-12, and 10-16 classes audition in front of their director and class leadership, and their auditions may be no longer than 5 minutes. Our 13+ classes audition in front of their director, class leadership and peers, and their auditions may be no longer than 3 minutes. Auditions should include a song with accompaniment (recorded or live) and a monologue.

When are auditions held?

Most classes audition on Saturdays in September and early October. Our 13+ classes stay from 9 am – 3 pm on their audition day, watching auditions, participating in callbacks or a read-through and learning music from their production. Homeschool, 8-12, and 10-16 classes sign up for an audition slot and come in for their time slot only.

How are shows cast at STP?

Our directors approach the casting process looking to share the message of the musical for God’s glory. As they cast, they are looking for the best person to fill a particular role, knowing that they need just as many great actors and singers in the chorus as they do in ‘leading’ roles. At STP, Jesus is the only star, and our goal with casting is to bring honor and glory to Him – not ourselves. Each role is equally important in telling the story, and we do not emphasize ‘landing a lead’, nor do we allow students to audition for specific roles. After watching auditions and callbacks, the director, with input from his/her team, will prayerfully cast the show.

Will my child’s class be extended at any point? Why is this necessary?

Beginning in January, our Monday and Tuesday 13+ classes will extend their class time until 9:30 pm for certain cast members and Wednesday 13+ directors will sometimes ask certain cast members to arrive early. Occasionally, other classes may need to extend, but we try to limit this as much as possible. Extended rehearsals are necessary because of the depth and quality of the performances that we produce. We simply cannot get everything done in a 1 ½-hour class and appreciate your willingness to join us in our effort to present quality Christian theater.

What is final two weeks and why is it important?

Our final two weeks is an intense rehearsal schedule that allows us to prepare for our class production. The schedule has been adjusted this past season to focus on the health and safety of our students and staff. We are evaluating what final two weeks will look like for the upcoming season. At this time, it begins with an important parent meeting at 6:00pm on the Thursday two weeks prior to opening night with a costume rehearsal following the meeting (ending at 9 pm for younger classes and 10 pm for 13+ classes).  The first week of rehearsals includes a Saturday from 9-3, an extended rehearsal on the day of your child's class, and a Thursday evening tech rehearsal from 6 pm – 9 pm (younger classes) or 6 pm – 10 pm (13+ classes). There is a second Saturday rehearsal from 9 am – 3 pm. Final week includes a rehearsal both Monday and Tuesday (6-9 or 6-10). Final Dress Rehearsal call time is 5:30 pm and goes until 10 pm or later…parents will be notified via email of pick-up time. Thursday and Friday performance call time is 5:30 pm, and Saturday performance call time is noon. Final two-week rehearsals are our last chance to polish the show and are mandatory for each student. In addition to scene work, music and choreography, we work all the transitions in the show… scene and set changes, costume changes, lav changes, etc. We need every actor and actress working as a team to accomplish our production goals for God’s glory.

How can I help with my child’s production?

First, pray and consider the gifts that God has given you…and then connect with Barbara Long, our production manager. Volunteer opportunities abound…we need help in costumes, set design, set building, set painting, hair, make-up, sound, lighting, music, ushering, concessions…the list is endless! You will meet lifelong friends and be blessed by the spirit of volunteerism that abounds at STP!

What will my child do if waiting during rehearsal in final two weeks or backstage during the production?

During final two weeks, we ask that students bring a non-electronic, quiet, individual activity while waiting in rehearsal or backstage. If it needs batteries or a charger cord, please leave it at home. Students who wish to draw, read or work on homework may bring a booklight. During the run of the show, students may watch the show via the live feed in the dance room. The best part of being backstage during production is our praise and worship time. Prior to performances, we have musicians that lead our students in praise and worship songs. It is a beautiful time of students worshipping through song, praying and ministering to each other.

Will my child’s class continue to meet after their production?

YES! Each class will meet on their regular class schedule following their production, continuing to work on activities that build solid acting, music and dance skills. During the final week of classes in May, we invite parents to attend class so that students might share what they have learned.

What are TTAs?

TTAs or Theater Teaching Assistants are student leadership assigned to every STP class. They are young men and women who are growing in their faith and leadership skills as they serve our students both during class and in production. During classes, they lead prayer groups, help with scene work, assist directors as needed, and provide a supportive presence as our students are learning. During production, they literally run the show. The director turns the entire production process over to their TTAs, and they stage manage, handle props, scene changes, make lav changes, and manage students.

What is the ticket cost to attend an STP production?

At the current time, tickets may be reserved through our ticketing site for a donation. In the past, our ticket levels ranged from $5.50 – $21.00, and tickets go on sale two to three weeks before the production. Volunteers, receive a code for a $10.00 voucher to be used for one performance during the run of the show. Ticket sales support the ongoing costs associated with our ministry, so please like and share our events on social media.

How are you handling COVID-19 with your classes and shows at the current time?

  • While everything has been adjusted due to COVID-19, STP has not changed. We want to continue to help your students grow in their faith while having fun and learning great musical theater skills. We are excited to have you back and are looking forward to a great year of ministry. Please be aware of the following:
  • Student check-in will happen at the café door and will begin 10 minutes before class begins. Please check your child’s temperature before you come. If their temperature is 100.4 or greater, they should not attend class. Do not bring your child to class if they have had a known COVID-19 positive exposure or are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. L ate arrivals should enter through the lobby and check-in with their director. Students who drive themselves should park on the café side for ease of check-in.
  • Unless you have a specific volunteer task, please plan to wait in your car or off-site while your student is in class. We are trying to keep the numbers in the building to a minimum.
  • STP recommends that students wear a mask upon entering the building, during transitions, and exiting the building, when it is difficult to be physically distant. During class, masks may be removed but students may also wear masks during class time. STP respects your family’s preference with regard to masks. TTAs and directors will be wearing face shields for the majority of class time, especially if they are in close contact with students.
  • Please be certain that your child knows proper hand-washing techniques and how to properly handle their mask. We recommend that they have a lanyard attached to their mask to avoid leaving it behind if it is removed.
  • During this time, we want to make it as easy as possible to get to know your children while being sensitive to your family’s comfort level regarding COVID-19. We will use colored bracelets as a non-verbal cue to help directors and TTAs know how to best interact with your student. Blue bracelets indicate COMFORTABLE (i.e. you may approach without a mask and stand closer to me), while yellow indicates CAUTIOUS (i.e. please wear a mask if you are close and be careful of physical distancing).
  • If you have children in two consecutive classes, one student may not be left at the STP building while another is in class. We are only responsible for students during their assigned class/rehearsal times.
  • For this year, café use is limited to those serving in STP leadership (staff/directors/TTAs/volunteers).
  • At the current time, we ask that parents wait outside for student pick-up. It will help our student release process if parents arrive a few minutes early, park, and check-in under the portico. Once we know that you have arrived, we will call your child and send them out to you. As you visit under the portico, please be aware of physical distancing, as we want those who walk or drive by to know that STP is committed to the safety of our students and patrons.
  • Every class has additional rehearsals closer to their show time. This time is referred to as final two weeks. This year, we have adjusted our final two weeks’ schedule to reduce class overlap, 13+ class displacement to the café, and to give students a chance to rest a bit more before their final show week. Final week arrival times, costume protocols, and other changes have been made. More information concerning final two weeks will be shared at the parent meeting/costume rehearsal two weeks prior to opening night of your class show.