From our Executive Director



Eleven years ago, a dear friend called me and said, “Leslie, I just took my girls to see the most wonderful show, and this ministry looks fantastic.  If you will sign Meg up for a class with my daughter, I’ll get her to rehearsals, and to all the productions.”  Little did I know, when Meg stepped through the doors of Christian Youth Theater in Angier so many years ago, that I would watch the ministry grow and change, moving into a new home in Garner, and taking on it’s own brand name:  Spiritual Twist Productions. 


Through the years, I have been blessed to serve in many volunteer positions within STP.  I have worked backstage on numerous occasions, serving in hair and makeup alongside other parent volunteers who have become life long friends.  I have been a musical director, teaching students proper vocal techniques and preparing them to present their music expressively to share the message of the gospel.  I have directed classes for the past several years, and love watching God breathe life into the script as our young actors and actresses take the stage.  Now I am honored to serve as the Executive Director.

The ministry of Spiritual Twist Productions has impacted my family in more ways than I can count.  I have watched my children be challenged to live out their faith, trust the Lord in all circumstances, and learn how to live in community with other believers.  They have made friends that have prayed them through difficult times, and rejoiced with them in their successes.  They have learned that many hands make light work, as they have watched volunteer crews of over 60 people come together to make their class production successful.  And they have learned scripture in both text and song, as they have studied their scripts.  One of our directors has shared that working on an STP musical is the best Bible study.

We live in Sanford, and have driven an hour to and from classes every week for eleven years.  Yes friends, we have driven that much year after year during the intense final two weeks schedule.  It is the only extra-curricular activity that I have ever found that was that valuable.  When we were considering relocating from Angier to Garner several years ago, our Executive Director and founder, Natalie Snapp asked me if the drive would be too far for my family to participate.  I told her most assuredly that we would be driving wherever the ministry found its new home.  

I love musical theater, and I love glorifying God with my gifts and abilities.  Spiritual Twist Productions is the one place where my two loves combine to share the gospel, which is what God called me to do many years ago.  I would encourage you to come to see a show, tell your friends and neighbors, and offer a young person the chance to participate in our ministry by enrolling them in one of our classes.  It will be a gift they will cherish forever!

Leslie Hanna
Executive Director
Spiritual Twist Productions
1250 Aversboro Road
Garner, NC  27529