The Wizard of Oz

May 14-16, 2020

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Book, music, and lyrics by Natalie B. Snapp
Additional dialogue, music, and lyrics by Julie Billheimer
Adapted from the novel by L. Frank Baum

When Dorothy’s house is picked up by a cyclone and crashes in the land of Oz, Dorothy meets Daniella and the Munchkins who point her to the Cross, the beginning of the Narrow Brick Road. As Dorothy travels, learning to follow the Great Book of Direction and never stray from the path, she helps other friends get back on the road. When faced with trials by the Wicked Witch of the West, Dorothy and her friends must learn that what they need to be wise, have an undivided heart, have courage, and find contentment and joy, may not be as far out of reach as they thought. Join us in the wonderful land of Oz as your favorite characters search to find The Great Wizard!