Book, music, and lyrics by Natalie Snapp

Directed by Natalie Snapp

Co-Directed by Gretchen Ethridge

October 26-28, 2017

Empowered! is a brand new STP show by Natalie Snapp, music and lyrics by Natalie Snapp and Jason Snapp.  While the story is based on the book of Acts, it has quite a unique perspective and presentation.  Have you ever wondered why the contemporary church is not living and walking as the New Testament church did?

We have Jesus’ promises, we have the Holy Spirit’s presence within us, so where is the power, the joy, the peace, and the love that Jesus describes and that we see in the book of Acts?  Would you like to hear Peter and Paul speak to the contemporary church?  Would you be willing to hear what they have to say to you personally?  Join us for the premiere of this exciting new production!  A dual presentation of contemporary music and contemporary thoughts, with the Biblical stories of the book of Acts.  Are you listening?