Sleeping Beauty

Book, music, and lyrics by Natalie Snapp

Based on the fairy tale Little Briar Rose by Charles Perrault

Directed by Shannon Snover

January 18-20, 2018

The King and Queen are throwing a celebration for the entire town announcing the arrival of their precious baby girl, Joli. Their tiny Joli has been given many wonderful gifts and blessings in hopes she will live her life worthy of royalty. As the celebration begins to wind down, the last guest steps forward in anticipation of making a formal betrothal, yet upon being declined, he presents a deceptive gift, the gift of desire. 

Time passes and Joli grows older. She is given opportunities to become rooted, built up, and established in faith, hope, and love. All the while she is being lured by an unsavory suitor. Foolishly thinking she knows what is best, Joli’s conduct becomes increasingly stubborn, discontent and selfish, and unwilling to listen to counsel, wanting to make her own decisions regarding life and marriage. In an attempt to keep Joli from harm and destruction, the King sends her to an unfamiliar cottage to think and pray on truth that she might find the love that is true. 

While at the cottage, Joli meets a shepherd, Jessie, who is looking for his lost sheep. Jessie’s peace and joy are immeasurable and offers Joli a change of heart and a new way of living. She is forced to make some difficult decisions and her choices will bring consequences.

We hope that you will come to see the Spiritual Twist Production of Sleeping Beauty. It is a beautiful story of reconciliation and redemption. Come and see this great awakening!