The Empress’ New Clothes

Book, music, and lyrics by Natalie Snapp

Based on a fairy tale The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Anderson 

Directed by Natalie Snapp

Co-Directed by Kimberly Trautman and Joshua Lyman

May 31 & June 1-2, 2018

e Empress’ New Clothes is a comedic yet profound and spiritually twisted look at the childhood fairy tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes.  STP’s production tells the story of the extremely vain and prideful Queen MeMe.  The spelling of the Queen’s name is no coincidence!  The “me syndrome,” so prevalent in our society today, is not only tackled with Scripture, but our story and music and lyrics also clearly teach the consequences of our actions when we refuse to listen and obey God’s truth.

Although the Queen’s brother and sisters try to help her remember the godly teaching of their parents, the Queen’s pompous, egocentric rule has made it law that the whole town must gather daily, at precisely 2:00, to observe the Queen strut her finery!   As two thieves, Jack and Luci, play to the Queen’s pride and self- centeredness, a disastrous event is set in motion.

Will Queen MeMe learn the truth of Proverbs 12:11, “He who pursues vain things lacks sense!?” Or, will she show the whole kingdom that their Queen indeed lacks any sense at all!?

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